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Scholarship Programs

Lasallian Scholarship Programs

Lasallian High Schools are Catholic college-preparatory school for boys and girls, sponsored by the Christian Brothers. These Schools are committed to keeping great education accessible to families of limited means.

Embodying this commitment are the school's unique scholarship program that serves the children of families in poverty. These various scholarship programs are designed for students who show academic potential and have a strong desire to attend a Lasallian High School, but whose families have an income below 185% of the adjusted federal poverty level (as of 2010, this means a family of four earning less than $41,000 annually).

These scholarship programs aid these families not only with tuition but also with the predictable expenses of normal high school life. The children of poor families live lives full of challenges and responsibilities: they take care of siblings, stand in for absent parents, earn money for the household, and deal with many kinds of difficulties. When these students commit themselves to achieving a college-preparatory Lasallian education, we commit ourselves to providing the structures and the mentors that can both challenge them and support them.

The scholarship program's success has been remarkable. One of the scholarship recipients, who is now in college recently told us, "I realize now that everything you said was right. It was hard work in high school, but it really prepared me. College is hard - but I'm prepared."

Lasallian Scholarships Available

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory
Piro Scholarship
De La Salle HighSchool
Bishop John S. Cummins Scholarship
Justin Sienna Highschool
Br. David Brennan, FSC
Tuition Assistance Program

Learn more about the Lasallian Education Fund

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